Currently all of Randominator generators are created purely for fun. How you use them is up to you - but I do not take any responsibility if you take them too seriously. Have fun, damn it!

Generators might be updated and for this reason "saved" results might change at any time.


If you found a bug, feel free to open an Issue on GitHub.


If you want to suggest anything, feel free to start a Discussion on GitHub.


Randominator is a small fun side project created by TehGM.
Copyright (c) 2021 TehGM

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Version: 0.3.1

Tech Stack: Microsoft Blazor - ASP.NET Core 6.0

Beta version

Randominator is still considered to be beta/preview version. As such, UI and page design might be imperfect and every feature is subject to change.


Randominator runs entirely in your browser. No data is stored or processed by any of my servers. Your browser might store some Randominator data, but it's only accessible by you.

Of course, running entirely client-side leads to some limitations, such as limited SEO or embedding capabilities, among others. For this reason - this might change in future. But for now I'm trying to simply work it all around. You can say it's a challenge - pushing Blazor WASM to its limits!

Source Code

As of version v0.3.1, Randominator is entirely open source.
See GitHub repository here: https://github.com/TehGM/Randominator


Since Randominator is powered by Blazor Client-side, this website is statically hosted on GitHub Pages!

The build and publish is automated with GitHub Actions.
If you're silly and curious for some ridiculous reason, you can view the pipeline here: https://github.com/TehGM/Randominator/blob/master/.github/workflows/dotnet-build.yml



  • Removed unused dependencies and enabled Brotli compression support. This should result in about 70% reduced initial download size.
    Please note that loading of the application is still primarily CPU-bound - so it'll take a while if your CPU is not too fast!
  • Fix: Added canonical URL to pages to reduce SEO confusion.
  • Fix: remove duplicate title tag due to prerendering.
  • Add trailing slash to internal navigations to reduce redirects caused by prerendered GH Pages hosting.
  • Easter Egg Feature number 1 expanded a bit.


  • Added Dare Generator (suggested in #9).
  • Added a simple Unique ID Generator for all ya IT freaks.
  • Added Easter Egg feature number 1. It has a small chance of appearing in the menu. Please do not cheat!
  • You can now collapse generator categories by clicking on them in the menu.
  • Renamed "Meme Generators" menu category to "Funny Generators" - this name fits much better.
  • Added "Utility Generators" menu category - Unique ID Generator resides there.
  • Added a history box to Mobile Game Name Generator. The new Dare Generator and Unique ID Generator also use this addition.
  • Implemented some Search Engine Optimization through meta tags + pre-rendering.
    Randominator should now properly embed short descriptions whenever you share a link somewhere!
    (Thanks to jsakamoto for his amazing library).
  • Fixed Programming Standards Generator running twice on each change.
  • Fixed some broken grammar and word duplication in Programming Standards Generator.
  • Fixed Programming Standards Generator rendering camelCase incorrectly when paired with leading _.
  • Fixed Programming Standards Generator not respecting code style when rendering multi-word affixes in descriptions.
  • Fixed donation links on About page still opening in the same tab.
  • Added prepend to text inputs.
  • Text "route not found" on 404 page has been removed.
  • Removed menu's right border on mobile resolutions.
  • Added additional funky text font fallback to cover more devices.
  • Added sitemap.xml, and generator code so it can be automatically generated with each deployment.
  • Added Randomizer Distribution Test debug feature, so anyone with doubts can verify that Randominator is truly random. Debug features are hidden by default.
  • Fixed startup errors not getting logged to browser's console.



  • Links on About page will now open in a new tab. This applies only to external links, not to Randominator's pages.
  • Language name in Programming Standards Generator is now limited to 100 characters.
  • Language name in Programming Standards Generator will now automatically be trimmed off leading and trailing whitespaces.
  • Fixed long words overflowing horizontally.
  • A tiny grammar fix on About page.


  • Fixed bug that caused blank white space to appear on bottom on mobile screens.
  • Nav menu will now automatically close on mobile devices whenever a page navigation occurs.
  • Header text is now centered on small screens to improve the looks of longer titles.
  • Versioned CSS to force re-download.
  • Grammar error of double "you" in Mobile Game Name Generator has been fixed.


  • A powerful Programming Standards Generator has been added.
  • Mobile Game Name Generator has been improved - support for 7 prefixes for both leading and trailing words, 2 additional middle sections, 10 more words. This results in over 2 million possibilities!
  • Mobile Game Name Generator now also displays calculated number of possibilities on the page. Yes, this number is real.
  • Mobile Game Name Generator now uses Comic Sans font for rainbow text on all devices. Previously mobile devices used Pacifico font.
  • Theme rework to get rid of Blazor's default style.
  • Buttons now look nicer.
  • Page contents now will not be more than 1320px wide, which makes them look nicer on big screens.
  • Header has been reworked - removed pointless "by TehGM" part, added actual generator title. It's also now hidden on pages that don't need it.
  • Navigation menu now supports sections - currently collapsing them is disabled, but will be enabled once more sections and generators are added.
  • "Not found" page will now show a randomized image.
  • The loading page now is much nicer, and fitting the default style.
  • Added About page.
  • Home page contents have been slightly updated.
  • Added copyright to navigation menu or page footer (depending on resolution).
  • Numerous under-the-hood and future-proofing changes.



Copyright (c) 2021 TehGM
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